January 2021

We hope that these difficult times our world is going through will return to healthy and peaceful days as soon as possible, and a 2021 year in which the happiness it brings will make us forget all the evil.

April 2020

Let’s Fight against COVID-19 altogether !!!

February 2020

Blood Glucose Meters, Blood Glucose Strips, Blood Beta-Ketone Meters and Blood Beta-Ketone Strips will be available for sale by February 2020.

January 2020

* As the Sistat family; We hope that 2020 will bring you peace, health, happiness and success.

December 2019

The R&D work of our new ESR – Sedimentation analyser with innovative features has been successfully completed. Our new device is planned to be placed on the market as soon as possible.

January 2017

Our company is in Arab Health 2017 – 42nd International Health Fair

Address: Shelkh Rashid Hall Stand RL37